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"Christmas Candle" – is a helping hand for a child in need

Traditionally, the beginning of Advent Charitable Fund «Caritas Ivano-Frankivsk UGCC» continues the annual charity event "Christmas Candle". Collected funds are aimed at helping children orphans, children deprived of parental care, children from large and crisis families. Shares is held within the framework of action "Christmas Candle", organized by the International Charitable Fund «Caritas Ukraine» and covers all the diocese of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

Working with children and youth is systematic, which allows to provide social services and assistance for children, improve their housing and living conditions and involve children in the free time to a children's rehabilitation center.

In 2008, Caritas swept through about 150 children from disadvantaged social categories, including:

social and psychological rehabilitation of children from the families - for nine months Caritas employees were taken care of by the social crisis 22 families with 54 children. A social support of family crisis, and problems detected by measures on their localization. Provided material assistance worth 45 USD 999.60, including: food, medicines, materials for repair, purchase of furniture, personal care and cleaning products, pay for treatment for alcoholism, bedding, clothing;

  • Organization of summer camp for 111 children (orphans deprived of parental care, children from large families and crisis);
  • provision of school supplies 60 children from socially disadvantaged-families;
  • Organization of the circle at the children's social center.

Christmas candle, lit in every house on Christmas Eve is a symbol of our unity in a common cause of mercy, a shared love. A person who receives a gift this evening or help us to feel that it is in the family, that someone cares about it, remember. So a great gratitude to all the families, which in past years during Christmas burned candle that says "Christmas help for Children" and sincerely invite all to participate in this noble cause. Every family that on the Eve of Christmas will light on a festive table this candle, will burn in the hearts of hundreds of children's flame of hope, the light of Truth, Love and Good.

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