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Guardianship of elder people Print
Monday, 16 March 2009 02:16

In Ukraine, as in many other developed countries in recent decades has greatly increased proportion of elderly people. According to the Institute of Demography, Ukraine has 11 million of elderly people.

CF "Caritas Ivano - Frankivsk UGCC" since 2002 directs its work to improve physiological health and quality of life of older persons. On the basis of fund medical social work unit "Home care for seriously ill, lonely elderly people who, because of their physical condition or illness, permanently at home.

The main goal is to improve the quality of life of lonely, elderly people who need assistance.

Target group, which receives support from the CF "Caritas Ivano - Frankivsk UGCC", are elderly people, who have limited movement, which can not alone ensure the purchase of medicines and medical assistance, can not cook, clean or do what is necessary for a decent life, regardless of age or illness.

By creating the Center " Home care" not only patient care to those who need it will be achieved, but also public entities will receive support and significantly pressure from family members and neighbors will be relieved, without the cooperation of which the sufficient care can not be achieved. Those who are caring, usually women, are subject to significant risks and very ill, so some studies should be carried out and take away some stress.

Medico-Social Center "Home care" provides for the provision requiring a wide range of services, including:

  • Organization of their leisure time - communication, reading, walking;


  • Caring for the sick and powerless - this morning toilet, and bathing and dressing, and change of bed linen and many other sanitary services;


  • Household - shopping, cooking, feeding, washing, cleaning in the apartment, washing the dishes and ironing;


  • Medical services - measuring blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, body temperature supply of drugs, setting compresses, mustard plaster, candles, enema, treatment of wounds, bedsores, massages and body rubbing, medical fitness and many other services for care.


Furthermore, based on the "Home care" the laundry is equipped, where social workers bring the dirty linen and clothes, which passed the stages of washing and ironing, delivered to the wards in a house, ready for use.

Center creates a spatial network and equipped with proper medical equipment, which allows for the use of issue that are in need of equipment that they need to meet their needs.

At the same time, along with the target group, which medical - social Center "Home care" serves, elderly people live and they are mobile, but are isolated from public life. According to experts, in recent years there appeared some complications with adjustment processes of groups of people that age to the requirements of the scientific - technological development, reducing of  potential health. All this leads to a shift in the social role of the elderly - old age in a society, often old age is associated with the period of disease, intellectual and physical weakness. Formation of these distorted stereotypes leads to the fact that whole generations grow biased to old age.

Socio-psychological impairment or underestimation of the elderly is closely associated with other unfavorable for their full operation circumstances, including:

  • loss of work
  • forced retirement
  • loss of personality - meaningful social roles.

This largely determines their dissatisfaction with life. However, elderly people should not passively "waiting for death" in the bedroom. Their experience, professional skills can solve the problem of adaptation to aging, if the elderly to enable active participation in public life.

The active involvement of lonely people in the processes of communication, facilitating social interaction and support of other elderly people needed for mental health of elderly. Rehabilitation of old age increases public awareness of their own importance, needs to recognize, respect from others, helps maintain confidence in their forces, which generally contributes to filling the life of older persons of character and sense. The problem of free time of the elderly  people and the realization of their recreational - developing potential is a topical area of work for Caritas Ivano - Frankivsk.

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