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Help to the victims from natural disasters Print
Monday, 22 June 2009 13:03

Help victims of natural disasters in the Volyn region.

In 1997, assistance was provided to the victims of natural disasters in the Kamin-Kashirskiy district of Volyn region. Help contained 7 tons of food: rice, flour, sugar, corn, etc..


Help the victims of floods in the Transcarpathian region 1999-2000.

In June 1999 Caritas has assisted over 1500 families that suffered from floods in Transcarpathian region. Help the victim was delivering packages with items needed for home obsolete as it: wool blankets, bedding sets, towels, etc..


Help the victims of the floods in July 2008roku in Western Ukraine


During 22-25 July, in the Carpathians, in the Carpathian region and in there were very strong and long rains. These weather conditions caused the greatest flood in Prykarpattya the last 40 years, most affected Ivano-Frankivsk region, slightly less - Chernivtsi, Lviv, Ternopil and Transcarpathian region.

In the most affected by bad weather Ivano-Frankivsk, storm caused to major damage to the population, infrastructure and national economy:

- Partially flooded 345 towns

- 22930 flooded residential buildings

- Inundated 28,321 hectares of agricultural land

- Washed the shores of 452.2 km,

- Damaged and destroyed 88.151 km 31.975 km river lashing

- 20.75 km of dykes were destroyed,

- Flooded and damaged 329 roads and 409 pedestrian bridges, including one on the road of state importance,

- 579.6 km of damaged roads and 590 pieces. Water - transferring pipes

- Fully flooded 14 intake,

- Gas supply remaining 107 settlements.


Flood victims were the citizens of Prycarpattya, and they were left without shelter, water, food and medical care. Interruptions in water supply is not only in the flooded towns and cities and in regional importance, because of flooding intake. Many people in order to survive  had to climb on the roofs of their houses or trees near homes. Since the beginning of measures to evacuate people from flooded villages, 1435 people were rescued and resettled 13,703 people.


According to the Ministry of Emergencies due to floods killed 22 people, including 6 children, including:

Ivano-Frankivsk - 15 people, including 5 children

- Bucovina - 7 people, including 1 child.

Element has caused significant losses. All residents survived the difficult days that are imposed on them as the material and psychological problems. Particularly vulnerable to poverty and social consequences of floods are - vulnerable population categories, including:

- Single person elderly

- Large families,

- Low-income families and the crisis

- Orphans, half-orphans,

- Children deprived of parental care,

- Children with disabilities,

- Disabled-III groups

- Families that had I, II category of flooding.


It is for them with the helping hand came CF "Caritas Ivano - Frankivsk UGCC", with support of donors.

During August - November 2008 assistance received in 1214 the family, suffered from the floods in July 2008 including:

  • 19 villages Galych area - 433 families
  • 13 villages Bogorodchany area - 75 families
  • 17 villages Tysmenytsia area - 477 families
  • 10 villages Dolyna area - 160 families
  • 16 elderly persons residing in a shelter for permanent and temporary stay single elderly citizens in the village. Vytvytsya  village, Dolyna District
  • 3 villages in Rogatyn - 53 families.


The first phase of assistance for victims of floods provided targeted assistance in the form:

  • sets of bedding,
  • wool curtains,
  • sets of detergents and personal hygiene
  • sets of food parcels,
  • sets of medicines.


The second phase of resettlement assistance was directed normal housing - living conditions for families who lost in the flood homes and everything in them. Since, during the flood victims have lost not only  houses, but also all items of household appliances, furniture, electrical appliances were broken, it means in the form of sets of kitchen furniture sets for living room furniture, bedroom furniture sets, beds, kitchen inventory, tableware and cutlery were covered by 22 families of victims of flooding related to the socio - vulnerable categories, including:

Half-orphans- 3 family

large families - 6 families

elderly alone people, disabled people and groups - 2,

single  elderly - 10 people

poor - 1 family.


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