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The slaves are still missing. As the Carpathians go to work, and get into captivity Print
Monday, 12 August 2019 17:05

Human trafficking is still widespread, even in today's world. Ukrainians are most often enslaved to jobs abroad. And here we have to be careful, because the police will not always help.

Ivan (name changed) went to the construction site in Russia.

“People were coming to houses offering job. The agent said they would pay $ 1,000 a month, and I agreed, ”Ivan says. - There were 11 or 12 of us, first driven by bus and then 20 minutes by ferry to Anapa. We had to pay100 dollars for the trip if we had, while others had to deduct the money from their salaries. ”

The men built cottages in Anapa. The agent who communicated with them was there, and the chief, according to Ivan, was an Armenian. They lived for seven people in an unfinished house, slept on slippers, well, though they fed, and then…

"A month went by and it was time for us to pay for our work, and they started delaying it," Ivan says. - Just then the police made a round-up, it turned out that this man did not pay the workers. Local television arrived. 30 people were caught as well as we, because we were out of work. We were taken to court, deported without entry for five years, but the Armenians who worked there too were interceded. We were only paid for the ferry home. ”

When they got to Ukraine, men hardly had the money to get home. People who had a family in the south or east, went there, and the rest got as far as they could.

"Six of us went to Kiev, we had just enough to pay for the road," Ivan says. - And there we called an aquainted, he lent us 1000 UAH for all. So we got to Ivano-Frankivsk. For 10 UAH we bought a hot dog – that was all the food. They came home without a penny. "

Now Ivan does not go to work, looks after his grandchildren at home.

10 cases of human trafficking have been recorded in the Carpathian region this year, almost all of them related to work. Last year there were 19.

"This year the victims were mostly men, who were in labor exploitation in Russia, as well as in Poland and the Czech Republic," says Caritas Executive Director Natalia Kozakevych. - Last year there were cases of sexual exploitation. There are many cases of human trafficking in the territory of Ivano-Frankivsk. For example, a person was sold into slavery for debt; five were released from rehabilitation centers that treated addicts. There was a criminal trial for 2018 at a porn studio in Ivano-Frankivsk. "

Last year, eight people filed documents to obtain human trafficking status and assistance from the state. There was one refusal. This year, two people applied for the status, and one was denied as well.

"The Ministry of Social Policy denies a person if she did not address the police with a statement regarding those people who pulled her in," Natalia Kozakevych explains. - Although it is not obligatory for the status to contact the police if a person fears for his or her life or safety. Usually, those who do this take away people's passports, so they know their addresses. So people are afraid to testify. "

In order not to get into slavery, one must be careful and not be led by tempting but unlikely offers.

«You shouldn’t believe that someone came to construction, watched how you work, and invited to work - without execution of contracts, without records in labor book. Then people are put in a car and brought to another area, - says Natalia Kozakevych. - You cannot agree to cross the border under forged passports or go to work without a work visa, as the visa-free travel does not entitle you to work. You should also not be guided by job offers that do not require any skills or knowledge of the language. "

According to Caritas executive director, many are now looking for jobs through intermediaries, so you should always check that they have licenses, a contract with the companies for which they recruit. Caritas recommends using online resources that provide up-to-date vacancies and calling directly to employers. You also need to enter into an employment contract, and before you open a work visa. And by no means give your passport to anyone.

And it is also good to take care of your identity in advance.

"It is necessary to have passport data, photos, both of Ukrainian passport and foreign, with all the marks and visas in electronic resources, for example in the draft on e-mail," says Natalia Kozakevych. - When people flee labor slavery and contact the police, they identify themselves with the help of such documents. But the police are not always the way out, because in Russia they often cover up traffickers and can even prosecute fugitives. It is necessary to write out the phones of public organizations, shelters, where to address ”.

Trafficked victims may seek help from Caritas, La Strada or social services. They will help you with a lawyer, medicine, money or work.

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