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Live gropingly. The story of the blind woman, who is cared by Ivano-Frankivsk Caritas Print
Friday, 14 June 2019 18:43

Nataliia Shulga loves violets, because they are blooming the whole winter. However, she cannot admire the beauty of flowers. The woman is completely blind. Now she is 58. She lost vision gradually. And everything began when Natalia was still in the first form. The reason is an accident. About the neglect of the doctors, the secret of a perfect order at home and a fun mood - in frank conversation with the Caritas ward.

... The first form student Natalia did not go to school that day. Whether the patient was ill, she already does not remember. The hour approached when the girl met her mother from work. Natalia crossed the road; she wanted to jump over the puddle. "Moskvich" was driving in the oncoming lane, the driver did not stop, and he thought that he would drive around the girl, but he hit her with the car wing. Natalia fell and hit the pavement.

In the evening, the child got high temperature and great abdominal pain. The girl was taken by the ambulance.

The schoolgirl’s internal organs were damaged, but doctors did not immediately detect it. On the third day after the accident, the child began to lose consciousness. Only then she had an operation. The surgeons eliminated the spleen, Natalia lost a lot of blood. Since then, the child began to lose sight.

"To the third form, I still saw that it was written on a blackboard, and then my classmates were dictating me, or they allowed me to rewrite it from the notebook," says Natalia Shulga, "and in the eighth form I read in glasses and still held a magnifying glass in my hands."

After the end of the eighth grade, Natalia went to work for a training and production company of the Ukrainian Society of the Blind. She made folders. Natalia received a visual disability group. There she met her husband.

 Until 1987, Natalia went to work herself, she still saw. And then - only silhouettes and shadows. She says that for a blind person to see at least silhouettes - it's very much - to see that a person goes, a car drives, when you are preparing food, see the contours of dishes, products.

The woman knew that she was losing sight and was preparing - she switched off the light in the kitchen and did everything gropingly - she peeled the potatoes, cooked, and washed the dishes.

In the apartment Natalia orientates very well, knows by heart every corner, each turn. She knows where it is. This is the secret of order at home - every thing has its place.

Now the woman is still looking after her old mother. Yosifa Romaniuk is 89. A woman is already a year since she does not get out of bed. And until then, she helped her blind daughter as she could, she cooked and together they went to the market for the products.

Caritas volunteers who have undergone a number of training sessions on the care of sick people visit the family. Trainings are held by Caritas staff and specialists are invited.

And in spite of everything Natalia is very cheerful. She wonders when people go into panic through trifles. She believes that all troubles are temporary inconveniences. The biggest problem is when a person is sick and relatives are sick.

Employees of Ivano-Frankivsk Caritas visit the family three times a week. Caritas purchases the necessary medications, hygiene and food products, and provides the temporary use of care equipment. Medical and social worker measures blood pressure, blood sugar level. A social worker makes purchases at the store, and, if necessary, helps with housework.

The assistance is carried out within the framework of the project "Network of Home care centers of Caritas Ukraine, 2019".

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