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When kindred are indifferent. Ivano-Frankivsk Caritas helps a seriously ill nurse Print
Monday, 10 June 2019 14:08

At one time she helped the sick, and now she needs care. Nadiia Dzundza in the past was a nurse. A woman is ill with multiple sclerosis (cerebro-spinal form, progressive course, psoriasis). About illness, indifference of relatives and help of Ivano-Frankivsk Caritas we could find out from the workers’ telling.

At the beginning Ms. Nadiia could still sit in the chair, and now the woman is locked in bed. During the first visit of the Ivano-Frankivsk Caritas multidisciplinary outpatient team to a woman they found bedsores that occurred due to negligent treatment of relatives with the patient. First of all, Ms. Nadiia did not have a comfortable bed, and the narrow sofa forced her to lie in one awkward position. It was difficult for the kindred to return the patient and carry out various manipulations for care. But the worst thing that struck in the eyes is the indifference of those close people to the severe illness of the woman.

The team of the "Home Care" project began to provide ill with medical treatment and proper care. The project physician, in conjunction with the coordinator, contacted the Ivano-Frankivsk hospice team, which includes a surgeon and nurses responsible for treating and cleansing of wounds and bedsores in palliative patients at home. The patronage nurse regularly visited the sick and made bandages and linen replacement, dressing.

The Caritas Brigade took control not only of the sick but also of relatives. First of all, the clergyman and the psychologist conducted an explanatory talk with them about their behavior and the provision of proper care. An antidote mattress, laundry and care products were delivered to the house, the sofa was laid out by the workers, and relatives were warned that in case of ill-treatment the patient there would be sent a message to the police to deal with the facts of domestic violence. The project psychologist also took control of the family - provided psychological counseling for both the patient and her relatives, controlling the emotional tension.

Of course, after these measures, the patient's condition has improved considerably, but not completely, as the disease progresses, the sores are heavily healed. Ms. Nadiia is still in regular care with a nurse, a doctor and a psychologist, because she needs constant care.

The help to the seriously ill is carried out within the framework of the project "Network of home care centers of Caritas Ukraine, 2019", "Network of home care centers (Palliative care), 2019.

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