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Andrii Farmuha urges Ivano-Frankivsk citizens to support Caritas's project "Peace and Security Begins with the Family" Print
Wednesday, 08 May 2019 17:27

The "Participation Budget" project, submitted by the Ivano-Frankivsk Caritas, designed for ATO veterans and their families, as well as internally displaced persons and locals who have been in difficult living conditions.

For families, the project will create a unique space for dating, communication, training and psychological assistance. Caritas psychologists and families’ caretakers will hold trainings for ATO's wives, psychological support groups for men and women from ATO families and HOP, outreach integration family meetings "School of Understanding and Dialogue", cinema clubs, discussion clubs and photo exhibitions.

Andrii Farmuha, an ATO participant, has repeatedly joined the events of Caritas. In his opinion, such support is extremely important for people, and therefore urges Ivano-Frankivsk citizens to support the project.

"The greatest benefit of the project" Peace and security begins with the family "is that it works with the ATO veterans’ wives and with members of the families of those who were killed, in fact, do not receive the necessary services from the state or from the local self-government," says Farmuha, - Secondly, the project brings together different social groups, for example ATO veterans and settlers and coordinates them for joint activities, because when there is no moderator, it's sometimes difficult for people to communicate, so Caritas here serves as a moderator for people. "

The project "Peace and security begins with the family" brings people around the greatest values ​​- the family, parents and children. Through the Caritas activities, it will help everyone recover their vital resources, establish and strengthen family relationships, adapt to a peaceful life, overcome the "gaps in the war", become more tolerant of each other in the family and community.

"For many Carpathian families, the war is not something far, it's their trauma and pain, which they cannot always share with anyone," says Ivano-Frankivsk Caritas Director Father Volodymyr Chorny, among them ATO participants’ families, as well as the HPA families, who escaped from the war in 2014, found refuge in Ivano-Frankivsk, and we see our mission to support and help people with counseling and expert advice in order to be able to cope with life's difficulties in the future. "

 You can vote for the project by following:

You can also support the project at the Centers for administrative services: Central Centre for administrative services (Nezalezhnosti St., 9), territorial units - John Paul II St., 4, Mazepa St., 185, Halytska St., 124 A.

Voting lasts until May 20, 2019.

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