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The Life of the Disabled Persons in Society: To Feel Their Isolation it is Enough to Change Roles for a Moment Print
Monday, 17 December 2018 19:08

When you are young and healthy, full of optimism and hopes in the morning you rush your native street, then in most cases you do not even think about what great happiness the Lord gives you. You can wake up in the morning and leave bed without difficulty, get dressed and go home, go to study either to work and communicate with your friends. You live active the whole day ... And if you accidently see a person with disabilities you can think over that you are happy and you can say whispering, "God, forbid to be in such a situation ..."

For almost a year, Caritas Ivano-Frankivsk contributes to the development of social service in the parishes of the UGCC in Ivano-Frankivsk diocese. Each community has families where people live with special needs. They and their relatives need care in solving everyday problems. Relatives or caregivers not always have enough knowledge to care for their seriously ill relatives or acquaintances.

On December 12, 2018, Caritas staff trained for laity carrying out social services for the severely ill residents of their parishes in order to train them to move people with special needs using various means of rehabilitation and care.

During the training coach Lilia Syvak acquainted participants with the technique of a wheelchair assembly and dismantling, the types of musculoskeletal system, their advantages and disadvantages, methods of their application depending on the age groups of sick people and the features of the disease which caused their lack of mobility.

Particular attention was paid to the co-operation of the caregiver and non-motorized and non-mobile people, the importance of a certain action algorithm keeping, voice announcement of the movement towards the patient, a professional and safe approach from the side of the caregiver so as not to harm the patient and at the same time to allow a person to feel a careful attitude.

In order to understand the problems of people with special needs, it is necessary to change roles at least for a moment. By way of performing the roles of the patient and the caregiver, the participants of the training worked out on each other all practical skills of movement. At the end of the lesson, everyone tried to dance in a pair, where one of the partners was sitting on a wheelchair.

The positive emotions, the acquired knowledge and practical skills made it possible for the participants of the training to understand the importance of such classes which can be organized not only in Caritas, but also in parishes, involving both relatives of sick people and young people. Such trainings should gather around non-indifferent people and volunteers who are ready to take care of the sick, to help others, to support and communicate with people psychologically who due to life circumstances do not leave the house but still dream of having friends and communicating with them, share their joys and difficulties.

The event took place within the framework of the projects "Promoting access to medical equipment for the socially disadvantaged population", "The network of Caritas guard centers of Ukraine, 2018" and "Increasing the level of social responsibility and community involvement at the local level"

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