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Give Each Other your Time or How does the Family Support Center Arrange a Joint Activity for Parents and Children Print
Tuesday, 31 July 2018 15:51

One of the languages of love is the time. Everyone decides how to give it. It can be walks, trips, communication, meetings. The main thing is attention to each other and sincere conversations.

Mutual activity for parents and children is a great opportunity to remove barriers in communication and to reach agreement. One of the weekdays was spent by families visiting the Family Support Center of Ivano-Frankivsk Caritas.

Family center staff organized a one-day family camp for families from the East of Ukraine and local residents in the entertainment complex. The children were having fun on trampolines, walking on labyrinths and parents joined them.

The family meeting brought together four families. There were two families of internally displaced persons, one local large family and a single mother with a child.

Edward Bantsov speaks fluent Ukrainian. A man and his family moved from Donetsk as soon as the war began. The head of the family admits that it was difficult at first. There are five children in the family - two own and three adoptive. But now they are grateful to God and good people which they have met on their way.

"I can say that our family has been fully integrated with the local population," Edward says, "but we are grateful for the kindness and sincerity of the local people because they helped us with money, clothing and food."

The large family is grateful to the Family Support Center for excursions, hikes to entertaining centers, and master classes. Father admits that there is not always enough money to arrange qualitative leisure for five children.

Adults talked to a psychologist and the family's assistant was engaged with children. Parents were interested in the problem of modern youth how to establish positive contact with young people, so that the present youth will be a worthy example for their children. Parents also agreed with the psychologist on individual counseling.

Liubov Vasylchenko is a local person. She educates a child. The woman, along with her daughter, attends consultations with a psychologist at the Center for Family Support. The girl has a mutism. Therefore, they together with a specialist created a program for the development of speaking for the child. Thanks to the Support Center Liubov found old friends. They felt out of touch long ago.

In conclusion, parents together with their children played a board game "Family Pizza". The game teaches to listen and better understand the interlocutor.

The Family Support Center promotes joint activities for parents and children and helps to integrate internally displaced people into the local environment organizing such family meetings.

"Adults were able to get away from everyday worries and have fun with their children. So they establish communication because it is known that there is a misunderstanding between parents and children from time to time," says Natalia Kozakevych, head of the Family Support Center. "If necessary, each one may ask for advice our psychologist. Family meetings at the Family Support Center are held once a week. We invite everyone who wishes! "

The family support center is located at: Ivano-Frankivsk, Chornovola st. 7 (Hotel Stanislaviv), office 313. Additional information by phones: 068-950-3278, 095-010-3820.

The Family Support Center operates within the framework of the project "Creation of a Family Support Center as a Model for the Integration of Displaced Persons and Host Communities in Ukraine." The project was co-financed by the Polish Aid Development Cooperation Program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.

The publication expresses only the opinion of the author and cannot be perceived as the official position of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.

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