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Social rehabilitation of disabled youth Print
Monday, 16 March 2009 02:21
Social rehabilitation of disabled youth

Recreation center and rehabilitation for disabled youth


Constantly being at home, people with special needs, are heavy burden for relatives and friends. At the same time they suffer from such staying in a closed environment. Some people with special needs, because of their age stopped attending educational institutions, being at home very soon degrade and lose even the paltry skills they gained in special schools. To improve their skills needs continued support specialists


People with mental retardation, having gone school age, much still need constant care. These are adults, that need employment, work, communication with other people feeling the necessity which can only satisfy them place in a job or taking other activities.


Currently the state offers only one option - placement in institutions, usually - old house for "psychochronic". Though that it is recognized that this life is over. Programs in these institutions often do not include any activity. And if the person previously maintained in other residential facilities, it is natural and had no chance to learn some lessons or more professions.

To make sense of adult life, you need to have a child laid certain hygienic, domestic, pre-professional, labor skills, safety, and recreational skills, habits and entertainment to sports, skills and productivity needs to communicate, build relationships, some responsibility , interest in life, etc. If one of these components is missing, they should further develop them being adults.

Yet another way - the organization of special workshops and day programs, where adults who require considerable care, and participate in activities with other mentally retarded people under supervision and with the help of assistants, social workers, masters of special education, managers. An important element of this activity can and should be folk and applied art.

Such programs must have accompanying system supporting therapeutic and rehabilitation services, medical and psychological assistance. In addition to employment, these individuals should help to organize holidays, visiting social infrastructure, concerts, tours, departure to nature camps. A special feature is the recreational sport, leisure and in particular special Olympics.

Civilized societies must take care of people with disabilities, to create conditions under which people who have the feature might feel valuable members of society.

Purpose: The help young people with intellectual disabilities is directed at overcoming severe disease, help in acquiring skills for social inclusion in society by creating conditions for training and creation of professional workshops.



  • dissemination of information about the involvement of children, young people with physical disabilities and mental development for rehabilitation, educational programs, employment, social services and etc.
  • promote employment and assisted the creation of jobs for mentally disabled young people by setting up of professional workshop on the basis of CF «Caritas Ivano-Frankivsk UGCC» for people with mental disorders, to which mental retardation is referred to if these people are quite distinct;
  • exhibition of works made by hands of disabled youth and volunteers, the organization of auctions;
  • help circulate profession mentally disabled youth;
  • promote a model of recreational programs for camps, excursions, festivals;
  • organize and conduct entertainment and cognitive action to integrate disabled children in terms of their peers;
  • organization of information work (training seminars. presentations) among students to overcome the stereotypical thinking on disabled people and encourage them to volunteer work with people with special cellars;
  • create a positive image of disabled people by bringing the media to cover this issue (series of radio broadcasts, publications and informational brochures. etc.).

Socio - psychological rehabilitation of mentally disturbed youth of CF «Caritas Ivano-Frankivsk UGCC» has the following areas:

Rehabilitation program.

This program includes:

physical rehabilitation,

training therapy, recreational games,

development of skills needed in everyday life (cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing, planning the day, the organization purchases products home)

Professionals work with children to develop motor functions, small motor, coordination, teach children to use cars, pogo, sticks. Considerable attention is paid.


The team performs diagnostics child development, early rehabilitation, information and psychological support to help the family

ACTIVE YOUTH CLUB WORKSHOPS provide socialization of disabled young people: in peer group activities they are engaged into artistic and production of various products.

On the basis of CF «Caritas Ivano-Frankivsk UGCC» four professional workshops will be organized, including:

Workshop on production of twigs and straw, reeds;

Workshop on production of paper products (postcards, Christmas tree decorations, gift packaging, envelopes

Workshop for production of yarn (knitting, embroidery, macrame)

Workshop on making women's jewelry.

Computer class - to master the skills of typing operator

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