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Development of Volunteerism Print
Monday, 16 March 2009 02:22

In 2004 on the basis of Caritas France because of a joined Coordinating Center of the development of volunteers movement started working.

The main objective of the Coordinating Center is training volunteers and their preparation for work in social projects.

Through the activities of the Coordination Center group for all comers , who were ready to help everyone was held - youth, professionals and specialists, to Caritas projects and providing skilled care to needy.

Today, the Coordinating Center of volunteers involved over 80 volunteers. This is youth aged 14 - 35, attracted to work in social projects that act on the basis of CF «Caritas Ivano – Frankivsk UGCC», in particular:

Project Home care - volunteers visit patients with single people, bring them hot meals, help in cleaning, make purchases, go for a walk and just talk;

Project «Circle of English» - volunteers, students of the Prycarpathian University lead foreign language courses for orphans, half orphans and poor.;

Children's Center - a circle, the help with home tasks, organization of educational excursions and summer camps;

The charity campaign - "Orphan schoolbag", "Day of Older Persons", "Young Irkutsk for a future without AIDS", "Saint Nicholas goes to the orphans", "Christmas Candle".

Benefit from the volunteers is extremely high, but this activity can not be spontaneous, and it requires prior training and a systematic approach. Everyone has certain talents, abilities, and for an organization that uses volunteers in its activities, is a very important time to open them and create opportunities for self-. Caritas sees it appropriate to raise a decent change with the number of active young people who come in the future to help social workers and Caritas itself will introduce innovative approaches to solving social problems in need

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