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Work with children of labor migrants Print
Monday, 16 March 2009 02:22

Social work with children of labor migrants

In contemporary Ukraine homeless children are a significant social problem. Over the past ten years, when a country faced economic crisis and rapid change of values, the number of homeless and abandoned children and youth has increased. One of the main causes of child neglect is the migration of Ukrainian citizens in West European countries in search of employment. In such cases, when one or both parents moved abroad, the children remain under the care of other relatives, neighbours or guardians, and in a short time they find themselves on the street.


Very often elderly care of grandparents, neighbours or acquaintances is not enough. Parents who would have an impact on children, are missing, and their children are not conscious enough to study and work properly. Children do not feel the control, miss lessons in school, become regular customers of computer clubs, nightclubs, begin to smoke and use drugs, alcohol, under the influence of gangs, drug traffickers. The problem of drugs is important because some children possess the money that parents send them from abroad.



At the same time there are instances when parents disappear abroad and children find themselves without means of support, moreover, they do not even have an official status of orphan or half orphan. In any case, children and young people gradually separate themselves from society, they see no prospects for themselves and have no motivation to apply efforts to become full members of society. Being for a long time without parental care, children and youth have not the appropriate competence to complete their studies and work on some specialty in future


Purpose: To support the social reintegration and improve social security of children whose parents are labor migrants.




- Encourage children to find their life prospects, the development of necessary positive qualities (diligence, patience, dedication, confidence, tolerance) and some labor skills. This will help them to live independently, study at school, professional education, work and earn their living independently.


- To ensure the personal development and studying of some children that will lead to social reintegration of children.


- Help in children returning to a normal lifestyle with a variety of services and rehabilitation centers;


- Lobbying children interests in difficult living conditions;


- Establishing of effective working relationships with schools and other public institutions for children and youth


- Support to civil society has become more aware of the needs of vulnerable groups of society.


Because of proposal of interesting and useful and common leisure activities through the pedagogical and psychological methods of working with groups and individual clients, we intend to teach children and young people to be more responsible for their life, health, education, future. We expect that children will develop the necessary social competence and quality such as diligence, hard work, dedication, tolerance, responsibility for own actions.

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