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Ivano-Frankivsk Caritas invites to the Holiday in a children's town "I have a right!" Print
Wednesday, 29 May 2019 15:07

On Friday, May 31, at 14:00 at the address of Lesia Ukrainka St.,1, Ivano-Frankivsk Caritas, together with the children's service of the Executive Committee of the Ivano-Frankivsk City Council, arranges the Holiday in the children's town "I have a right!" to the International Children's Day.

Andrii Farmuha urges Ivano-Frankivsk citizens to support Caritas's project "Peace and Security Begins with the Family" Print
Wednesday, 08 May 2019 17:27

The "Participation Budget" project, submitted by the Ivano-Frankivsk Caritas, designed for ATO veterans and their families, as well as internally displaced persons and locals who have been in difficult living conditions.

For families, the project will create a unique space for dating, communication, training and psychological assistance. Caritas psychologists and families’ caretakers will hold trainings for ATO's wives, psychological support groups for men and women from ATO families and HOP, outreach integration family meetings "School of Understanding and Dialogue", cinema clubs, discussion clubs and photo exhibitions.

Andrii Farmuha, an ATO participant, has repeatedly joined the events of Caritas. In his opinion, such support is extremely important for people, and therefore urges Ivano-Frankivsk citizens to support the project.

"The greatest benefit of the project" Peace and security begins with the family "is that it works with the ATO veterans’ wives and with members of the families of those who were killed, in fact, do not receive the necessary services from the state or from the local self-government," says Farmuha, - Secondly, the project brings together different social groups, for example ATO veterans and settlers and coordinates them for joint activities, because when there is no moderator, it's sometimes difficult for people to communicate, so Caritas here serves as a moderator for people. "

The project "Peace and security begins with the family" brings people around the greatest values ​​- the family, parents and children. Through the Caritas activities, it will help everyone recover their vital resources, establish and strengthen family relationships, adapt to a peaceful life, overcome the "gaps in the war", become more tolerant of each other in the family and community.

"For many Carpathian families, the war is not something far, it's their trauma and pain, which they cannot always share with anyone," says Ivano-Frankivsk Caritas Director Father Volodymyr Chorny, among them ATO participants’ families, as well as the HPA families, who escaped from the war in 2014, found refuge in Ivano-Frankivsk, and we see our mission to support and help people with counseling and expert advice in order to be able to cope with life's difficulties in the future. "

 You can vote for the project by following:

You can also support the project at the Centers for administrative services: Central Centre for administrative services (Nezalezhnosti St., 9), territorial units - John Paul II St., 4, Mazepa St., 185, Halytska St., 124 A.

Voting lasts until May 20, 2019.

Франківський Карітас презентував посібник тренінгів "Мир починається в серці кожного з нас" Print
Thursday, 11 April 2019 16:07
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У середу, 10 квітня, Карітас Івано-Франківськ організував круглий стіл з нагоди підбиття підсумків дворічної роботи у сфері миробудування. У рамках заходу презентували посібник тренінгів "Мир починається у серці кожного з нас".

Два роки благодійна організація гуртувала людей, об'єднуючи внутрішньо переміщених осіб, учасників АТО та їх сім'ї та місцевих мешканців.

A joint prayer of the Cross in Caritas Print
Wednesday, 03 April 2019 20:19

Today, the employees of Ivano-Frankivsk Caritas together with their brothers-seminarians of the Ivano-Frankivsk Seminary organized the Prayer of the Procession in the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Krihivtsi. Among the participants of the event there were the wards of the Club for the elderly "Nadvechir", youth with disabilities, seriously ill people and their relatives, displaced persons - all who Caritas patronizes during the implementation of various programs and projects.

Every day people around us are endured, each one of us carries his cross: someone is seriously ill, someone has an incurable ill child, father or mother, husband or wife, brother or sister, someone left home, somebody’s dearest person was killed in the war...

This pain united all the participants who found solace in a joint prayer to the Almighty. While pondering on the Passion of Christ, His patience and torment, they all followed Jesus, step by step up to the mountain of Calvary, sacrificing his pain and suffering for the anointing of the sins that were the cause of His crucifixion.

Before the beginning of the Procession, everyone made an intention - someone sacrificed for the patient’s health, someone for the people, for peace and tranquility, someone for the church, someone for the soul in purgatory.

"This year I take part in such a visit of the Procession for the second time, in Caritas I am for the first time, but I am very grateful that I was invited to this prayer." I am an immigrant from Donetsk Oblast, with the beginning of the war I came to my homeland. Hoping for a short time, however, it was so that events in the East do not allow me to go back to my home, "says Ms. Lidia, with tears in her eyes," Thanks sincerely to Caritas, his staff who have been helping me survive for the second year. "Last year I was given a surgery on the tibia joint. The young people, the social workers of Caritas Svitlana and Ivan, helped me a lot: visited the hospital, bought everything I needed, provided me with walkers, helped me climb the bed and take the first steps after the operation, and later I got a joint lock in Caritas. The girls taught me to dress it up. All here are very good and positive: they will listen, advise, support and help. As an immigrant, I get Caritas medicines, detergents and hygiene products, and grocery kits. I am very - very grateful to Father Volodymyr, the Director of Caritas, that he has formed such a good team of workers who are ready to take everyone and help each other every day. "

"My name is Liuba, I became ill with sarcoidosis of the intra-thoracic peripheral lymph nodes, and it was very difficult to accept the diagnosis, felt pain and frustration, because I do not have children, but doctors forbade me to even think about it." From friends I heard about help for cancer patients in Caritas. I applied and they took me to the palliative care program, where a group of incurably sick people, who meet in Caritas every month, receive advice from a doctor, nurse, material assistance - medicine or care products, - to whom it is necessary. And most importantly - all together we pray with Father Mykola or work with a psychologist, who arrange interesting lessons for us and conduct conversations with us. "

"And I do not remember how many years I have come to Caritas for such meetings," says Ms. Olia, the purchaser of the Club for the elderly "Nadvechir". - Very good work is done by the workers here: first of all, we respect the older generation, and secondly, they care about our leisure: we come to the circle of making greeting cards, where we have already made different cards - both to the Independence Day and Easter, and before Christmas ... every month we meet here, celebrate both state and religious holidays, we go to Pilgrimage, even on picnics. It is very interesting for us here, and we all sincerely thank Caritas for taking such care of us, for their support and comfort. "

The event took place within the framework of the projects "Improving the quality of life of elderly people-victims of totalitarian regimes by creating conditions for their involvement in active participation in public life, and organizing volunteer support for the small and mobile representatives of the main target group", "Network of Home Care Centers of Caritas" (Palliative Care), 2019 "and" Home Care for HIP in Western Ukraine ".

Сім`ї учасників АТО з Одеси та Івано-Франківська розписували писанки Print
Wednesday, 27 March 2019 18:13
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Сьогодні у Карітасі Івано-Фраківська сім’ї учасників АТО з Одеси та Івано-Франківська розписували писанки. Майстер-клас з писанкарства провела майстриня Іванна Равлюк.

Дорослі та діти створювали власними руками писанки відповідно до давніх технік на «живому яйці» та ознайомилися з символами, що зображували на писанках ще наші предки.

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